Enabling animal welfare organizations to increase adoptions & save more lives


…enables shelters to share the ongoing stories of adoptable pets on their shelter pet profiles

AdoptMeApp’s Diary widget...

…appears on those pets' shelter profile pages, becoming a live, scrolling feed of the pet's daily life

is used by volunteers, fosters, and staff at shelters and rescues to share stories of adoptable pets with potential adopters, and is integrated with Chameleon/PetHarbor, ShelterBuddy, and partially with ShelterLuv.

Those who interact most with adoptable pets love taking pictures and videos of their furry friends. They use AdoptMeApp to tell the stories of these pets via captioned photos and videos, instantly adding them right into the pet profiles on the shelters' websites. Check out the AdoptMeApp demo, watch the shout out at the Long-Stay Dog Webinar 3/29/2022, and read testimonials from shelter volunteers using AdoptMeApp.

AdoptMeApp is easy to use with only 3 screens. Users don't need any other accounts at the shelter or on social media. They simply take a picture (or video), type a few words, hit a button...and their stories appear in the AdoptMeApp diary embedded right in that pet's online profile, like these:

PetHarbor examples

Kiella the dog
at Front Street Animal Services (City of Sacramento)

Morticia the cat
at City of San Jose Animal Care and Control

Theo the dog
at San Luis Obispo County Animal Services Division

ShelterBuddy examples

Salsa the kitten
at San Diego Humane Society

Pine the rabbit
at San Diego Humane Society

Amigo the horse
at RSPCA Queensland (Australia)

How creative do users get when posting about adoptable pets? Here's the latest posts from every AdoptMeApp-enabled shelter:

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