Enabling animal welfare organizations to increase adoptions & save more lives


…enables shelters to share the lives of their adoptable pets through social media


Coming soon …enables shelters to turn social media storytelling into sponsorship revenue

is used by shelter & rescue group volunteers, socializers, and fosters

Those who interact most with adoptable pets love taking pictures of their furry friends. They use AdoptMeApp to bring stories to those pictures and post them to Twitter and other social media, bringing a whole new level of exposure to these pets looking for their forever homes! (Check out the AdoptMeApp demo or read testimonials from shelter volunteers using AdoptMeApp.)

AdoptMeApp is easy for the shelter volunteers. They don't need to know anything about social media or have any social media accounts. They simply take a picture, type a few words, hit a button...and their stories appear on Twitter, with links to the adoptable pet's shelter profile:

The shelters' profile pages also displays each pet's stories in their own personalized "diary" — their posts become a live, scrolling feed of the pet's daily life. (What does that dairy look like? Here's one showing posts from every shelter instead of just for one animal.)

AdoptMeApp is in production at Contra Costa Animal Services (Martinez & Pinole, CA), San Diego Humane Society (San Diego+other local cities, CA), RSPCA Queensland (Brisbane+many other cities in QLD, Australia), Front Street Animal Shelter (Sacramento, CA), San Luis Obispo County Animal Services (San Luis Obispo, CA), San Jose Animal Care Center (San Jose, CA), Silicon Valley Animal Control Authority (Santa Clara, CA), Yolo County Animal Care (Yolo County, CA), Marion County Dog Shelter (Marion County, OR) and there will be many more to come. Contact us if you would like to have your shelter enabled with AdoptMeApp. It's free!

is used by pet lovers who donate to support adoptable animals

Currently sponsors of shelter and rescue pets get almost no feedback about the animals they help support. SponsorMeApp turns that support into an interactive friendship. SponsorMeApp is coming soon!


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AdoptMeApp – Enabling animal welfare organizations to increase adoptions & save more lives